Suweeeiii is an online journal where Suweksha Shrestha, being ambivert, expresses her feelings, thoughts, poems, fiction series as well as her Travel experiences and her Style Statements.
Being a freelancer writer she has contributed in Stylegags.com  (Online Clothing Store), Glocalkhabar.com (Online News Portal) and Shine Magazine( Jewelry and Style Magazine by Next Media Pvt. Ltd.).

The blogger has been posting her travel experiences, which comes under #La Jam Series (where La Jam in Nepali mean Let's Go) and her Style statements under Outfits section of the website. You can also have a look at her Travel photographs on Instagram @suweeeiii .

For collaboration you can feel free to drop a message on her Instagram account or her Facebook Page- Suweeeiii.

Hope you will enjoy your stay in Suweeeiii's Den.

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